Drain Surveys

At Jetstream draincleaning LTD we can survey drains from 40mm and larger.

Whether you need to know why your drain keeps blocking ,where it goes or you just need to know the condition of the drains call us, we can help you choose the correct survey for your requirements.


As simple as it sounds a look see survey is when we come out, put a drain camera down the drain and check its OK. If we find any damage or faults with the drain we take pictures for you and recommend an appropriate course of action. This is our most popular survey by far.


This survey is done to NADC standard and is excepted by all mortgage lenders and surveyors. This is a similar survey as above but done to a higher standard with a hard copy report produced in a PDF. The result is a top quality drain condition report at a very reasonable price.

Other types of survey can be carried out upon request.


Sonar drain tracing is when a transmitter is put down a drain and a locator is used above ground to trace the position of the drain, this is ideal if you heed to know exactly where a drain runs. Or if you need to pinpoint where the drain is damaged.

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