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Sometimes all your toilet or sink needs is a good old fashioned plunging to unblock it, we will always try the simplest and cheapest option first to get you back in busness.


Electro mechanical cleaning for blocked drains is carried out with a piece of equipment called a "drain auger" that has a long steel cable able to reach 30 metres or more. The end of the cable has a cutting head attached to it ,to cut through the blockage,whether its fat,roots or other debris.There are many sizes and styles of cutting heads for different diameter drains and different types of blockages.These can be used on pipe sizes from 40mm and upwards to thoroughly clean the drain. Electro mechanical cleaning is especially useful in inaccessible areas, like rooftops or basements where drain jetting would be impractical .


Drain jetting is when high pressure water is used to unblock and clean the drain. With the aid of special jetting nozzles which can cut through the blockage.

Jetting can clean and unblock fat,soap powder,babywipes ,roots and solids in foul and storm water drains.

Builders waste, scale build up and uric salts can also be cleaned with jetting. Jetting leaves the drain in pristine condition.


We specialise in retrieving customers lost drain rods, it is very common for Jetstream Draincleaning LTD to get calls from customers who have attempted to unblock there drain themselves only to lose there rods.

Although drain rod retrieval can sometimes be very difficult, we have a 100% success rate in this specialised service.
Call Jetstream LTD Draincleaning on 02380 440467 or 07789475700 for help and advice

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